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Monday, 15 February 2010

Essence of Floral

Some new Floral Work, enjoy the essence:

"Chocolate Calla" (click here to view full details)

"Love Frangipani" (click here to view full details)

Monday, 8 February 2010

Truly Inspired : My Creative Friend Melinda Mulcahy

When I met Melinda Mulcahy about 2 years ago I was very fortunate to be commissioned to paint a painting of her two girls in a beach scene on the seashore - little did I know at the time that Melinda was such a talented lady.....It's not often I meet people with such creative energy and passion for what they do and with Melinda she positively oozes this amazing creative talent. I feel we were meant to meet as ever since we have supported each other in our work, inspiring each other to continue on this creative path we tread.

Although a recent day out in London had to be re-scheduled I thought it would still be a great idea to get to know more about Melinda, what makes her tick and keeps her inspired to make such fantastic designs, here's the interview;

JGD What was the pivital moment that changed your career towards jewellery making?
Melinda: I went to a jewellery party a friend put on and I was shocked that someone was producing such rubbish, and more so that people were buying it! I knew I could do soooooo much better, so signed up for an intermediate course, beginners would have been too slow! I saw a great magazine and subscribed to it for learning purposes and then started trawling the internet for materials. Being 2003, not everyone was online, so I could only find basic materials to start with. But of course, my controlling urge for quality pushed me to dig far and wide to locate what I really wanted, GEMS! You generally have to travel to get what you want. It's a hard life I tell myself when I'm knee deep in gemstones at my Indian suppliers!

JGD What is your favourite gemstone?
Melinda: In terms of colour, I love tourmaline for all it's colours, but mostly pink tourmaline as it's a difficult colour to obtain if your on a budget, so too is red. However, in terms of technical beauty and what lies beneath the stone, I would say Labradoriate because if it's iridescence and changes in light. I see pure magic, in every stone or pearl.

JGD What has been your biggest hurdle?
Melinda: Doing everything myself. Especially teaching myself how to use Photoshop. Not easy when I don't have anyone to ask. YouTube tutorials are my new best friend.

JGD Your biggest disappointment?
Melinda: Seeing a piece you have designed copied and being flogged cheaper in some high street shop.

JGD Your best moment in your work?
Melinda:This has never been about moments, rather it's been about building a business over a period of time, although I enjoyed the photoshoot with Jo-Emma. Actually, its that moment when I finish a new design and looking at what I produce everyday is enough to hold my head high.

JGD Who is your fashion idle?
Melinda: Well, most people would imagine that I look towards the celebrity world of who's who in fashion. But actually, I only wish everyone were as classy as my dear friend, her name will remain a secret as she will get embarrassed and others might feel hurt or jealous. But she is always turned out and immaculate and I wish to be just like her when I grow up. Oh and I do love Cameron Diaz for taking risks.

JGD What is your best accessory?
Melinda: My divine daughters. Anyone would look amazing around them, they sparkle better than any diamond. I remember trying to take my baby in her stroller into the Boucheron in Zurich (a very posh jewellery store similar to Gerard or the like) and the security guy asked me to leave my baby by the door! I told him my baby was worth more than ALL the jewellery in the shop, to which he backed down, smiled and helped me up the stairs with the stroller.

JGD Apart from your children?
Melinda: I'm a self-confessed prolific over dresser, but I've had the most wear from my Star's and multi-coloured V07 Heart bracelets (obviously not worn together). Although I do love seeing people's reaction to my knuckle busting huge triangular Brazilian Amethyst which is always a talking piece.

JGD What do you never leave home without?
Melinda:Well, I'm a practical person, so I would have to say a bag so that it can carry my keys, wallet etc, but as I'm high maintenance, I virtually never leave home without mascara, lipgloss, watch and earrings. My new Shangri-La Collection is easy to wear and goes with anything.

JGD How do you judge others when you go out.
Melinda: Whilst I love people watching, I actually gain more by new ideas than I would judge against anyone. I tend to ignore the worst and draw from the good, that's my life's ethos. If a friend looked terrible in an outfit, I would always tell them it doesn't do them justice, just as I would expect of a friend to tell me.

JGD Why candles alongside your jewellery?
Melinda: As a connoisseur of all things beautiful, I see items of luxury everywhere, but I'm let down by the quality of the product. For instance, Jo Malone candles may smell nice, but they omit harmful toxins, as do 99% of the candle market. Strangely, even as I child, I always knew I would produce a fragrance or scent of my own, although I didn't know how, when or what. I started researching and then testing, to finally make what I wanted, i.e clean burning essential oil candles that last for ages. My burning desire is to capture the essence of my childhood growing up around Sydney's sunny shores with the divine scent of Frangipani. However, it's extremely expensive, but that has never stopped me before. I am hoping to one day produce my own sprays, soaps and so much more.

JGD Someone commented about how you find the time with two young children, so what's the secret?
Melinda: There was period when I didn't watch tv for over a year when my second child was just a baby, but as I became so exhausted, I had to take stock. I now consider my work to be a bonus in my life and whilst it keeps me busy, I always prioritise family and friends first. I also allow myself a little bit of tv time. It's amazing what you can fit into a day around the school run.

JGD What have you learnt?
Melinda:I may not have made the big time yet, but I can do anything if I put my mind to it. It also makes life so much easier if you know someone!

JGD I notice you wrote poems, are they really your own?
Melinda: Of course, in fact, I don’t tend to read any poetry at all which is sacrilege I know. Not even Dylan Thomas! Although I have the desire, just lacking the time. I would much rather write my own from the heart than read others. Their not to be taken seriously, it’s really just making light out of something.

JGD What's in the pipeline?
Melinda: Well I am hoping the Celtic Manor will allow me to sell my jewellery in the hotel during the Ryder Cup, as they currently stock it. I want to offer international guests a taste of Welsh workmanship!
I have always wanted to design and produce my own bags and I have been looking into this over the last 2 years.I will launch more scents for the candles sometime within the year online and also will finally develop the Limited Edition Gallery which will be sell one-off pieces.

I am loving Melinda's new ONE-OFF and LIMITED EDITION creations, my favourite has to be the Hearts for Valentines collection – “Golden Heart” – I love it! Just click on the pic below to view the new site: