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Monday, 25 February 2008

Indian Dream

I am fascinated by colour and sometimes draw my inspiration for the colours I use from different cultures. This is a sketch painting I did yesterday of an Indian Lady, looking very relaxed in her pregnant state - so soft and beautiful is this Indian lady as she lovingly cradles her bump with her hand, the look of knowing on her face as she looks at the observer. This sketch painting will form the basis of a larger oil painting that I am currently undertaking...This is something different for me and a refreshing change.

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Another 2 large yacht seascapes | Yacht Racing Paintings

Here are the final two seascapes that I have been working on...............

Friday, 22 February 2008

2nd of the large Abstract Yachtscapes | Fastnet Yacht Racing

Here is the 2nd abstract yacht seascape, this one is my favourite, it is an image from above, so no sky, just the yacht crashing into the sea................very dramatic, full of tension and excitement. Oil on boxed canvas 30x24".


please note that copyright remains with the artist Jean G Dayton - all rights reserved

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Featured Artist on

I am a member of ArtGallery and today they have made me the featured artist. You can view the home page at

Abstract Seascapes - Yacht Racing Paintings

I am have been working on some new abstract yacht seascapes for sale on my website, they are all 30x24" oil on boxed canvas, here is the first of four............lots of splash, lots of action, you can almost feel the tension and excitement as these guys are riding the sea....


please note that copyright remains with the artist Jean G Dayton - all rights reserved

Sunday, 17 February 2008

1st 2008 Exhibition Confirmed

I was asked by Spice Art Studios in Southampton to exhibit my work in a joint exhibition starting 8th April 2008 - The exhibition will incorporate my Abstract Designs, such as 'Orion' and 'Light' and more that I will be working on between now and when the exhibition starts.

The exhibition will run for 6 weeks from the 8th April and their opening times are:-

Tuesday - Saturday:10.00am – 6.00pm or by private appointment
Private View is Friday 11th April from 6.30 - please let me know if you can attend by emailing me

Friday, 15 February 2008

Inspired by the Great Artists

On my return from New York I set about painting on the Tuesday, you can imagine, whilst away seeing all these amazing works of art that I was itching to get going on some more paintings! All I kept thinking about was florals when I got back, I'd completed some florals before I went away, Fiori and Fleur but I wanted to do a large canvas floral painting and had the perfect sized canvas for it, so I set about working as soon as I got back. Here is the completed piece called 'Celebration'.........

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

New York New York

I was very fortunate in recently visiting the Frick Gallery and the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan New York. I was able to take some pics (no flash aloud though!) whilst in the MOMA gallery, Claude Monet's work in particular inspired me greatly, here is one of the paintings in the gallery, a massive 41ft in length x 6ft high - truly magical and are some photos from my trip to New York...

This is Monet's 'Collections of Clouds on the Water-lily Pond’

Monet's 'Agapanthus'

Not a Monet but some rather interesting vehicle artwork in Greenwich Village! Long live the Hippy

Some sculptures in the MOMA.......


Feeling on top of the world - on top of the Rockefella Centre

Monday, 4 February 2008

A little bit about me and my work

I am a full time artist working from my home based studio in the New Forest, Hampshire. My artwork can be found in many UK and International private & corporate art collections. My collection of art designs are vibrant and full of energy and are competitively priced. I hope you will enjoy the beautiful colours and vitality of my paintings, I have been told that my paintings radiate a healing energy. I paint mainly abstract nature paintings and am particularly fascinated with the sea so I have quite a few seascape oil paintings in my portfolio, however, I always like a challenge and like to experiment with other media and subjects. I am fascinated by nature and its many shapes and try to capture a mood or feeling within my work.

Although I studied Art at college many moons ago it was only in the last few years that I’ve achieved my dream of becoming a full time artist. I have always painted for pleasure as a hobby and now that I am painting full time I have so much more to offer in terms of creativity. As a professional artist I feel so incredibly lucky to be doing what I love most each day. My creativity is a natural trait and from the earliest age that I can remember I have loved art and everything associated with it. I have always been passionate about all things that express my creativity and through an evolving journey I now specialise in contemporary abstract art as I feel this gives me the most freedom of expression.

I gain my inspiration from nature and its beautiful and varied colours; I live in the New Forest in Hampshire and am close to the coast so I am surrounded by astounding natural beauty. One of the blessings of being a visual artist is the intensity with which the world appears to me. This has nothing to do with 20/20 vision, but with the attention I pay as an artist to my surroundings, for example the play of light and dark on the landscape at dusk will fascinate me and the way the sun kisses the sea, transforming it into a bed of jewels just amazes me, all of which awaken my creative desire to paint these images.

I work mainly in oils as I love their depth and intensity and the colours that they create are mind blowing, I quite often use layers of thin glazes on my paintings to create depth and focus. I strongly believe that colour is mood enhancing, so whether it be to calm and relax or to generate a positive energy, I endeavour to impress a particular feeling or emotion within my paintings. For example, the arrival of Spring presents us with colours only seen at this time of year, like the startling yellow-green shades of new growth that soon turn the more common darker greens.

I try to capture the essence of nature in my paintings, the most exciting times to see nature for me is in early morning, at dusk, or when the weather causes changes in the lighting, ordinary images stand out more and create stronger contrasts. I see my work as a vehicle for the observer to experience the passion and emotion of nature through my eyes.

I am continually turning the natural world around me into abstract compositions. On walks near my house, I follow the patterns of shadows on the ground, or the sun's reflection in puddles. I look up at the web of branches overhead forming an intricate pattern of criss-crossing lines. I study the texture of bark on the trees. Any of it might form the basis for an abstract design.

My artwork can be found in many UK and International private & corporate collections with some of my work being published in the home interiors glossy magazine House & Home Ideas; in the January 2006 issue my painting ‘Sunburst’ featured in an article about the Best Contemporary Art Around. In 2007 ‘Mountain Lake’ featured in the House & Home Ideas October issue in an article about Landscape Art. ‘Harvest’ and ‘Dartmoor Sunset’ have also featured in the November 2007 issue in an essentials feature about ‘Art for Autumn’ and more recently ‘Alpine Sanctuary’ in the December issue in an art article about ‘Winter Scenes’.

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Sunday, 3 February 2008

House & Home Ideas March issue

I am very pleased to announce that one of my commission paintings, a floral abstract has appeared in the House & Home Ideas magazine March issue 35 in a feature about 'Floral Art' (page152)

32" x 16" oil on canvas floral commission

More Floral Work


Copyright remains with the artist Jean G Dayton - all rights reserved

New Floral Work

Abstract Floral Designs

I have been busy painting some new florals, they are based on the colours of Blossom, in my own interpretation in a semi-abstract loose style. Here is one of the completed pieces - painted in oils.

Copyright remains with the artist Jean G Dayton - all rights reserved

Saturday, 2 February 2008


Student Studying ‘A’ Level in Fine Art

In June 2007 I was contacted by a student from New College Telford in her 2nd year of A Level Fine Art. As part of her 2nd year Hayley was required to do an intensive study of an artist’s work she admired. Hayley found my work on the internet and contacted me. Like me, Hayley has a passion for bright bold colours and flowers and was very drawn to several of my floral designs. I was thrilled to be asked by Hayley to be part of her project and since then we have been in regular contact, with lots of questions being asked about my art process & discussions about her project. It’s been a great experience and I really wish Hayley all the best in her project and for the future. I just wanted to share some of her work/sketches with you which are of her floral studies and I think you’ll agree are beautiful; I particularly love the depth & tone achieved in the black/white studies.