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Thursday, 29 October 2009


As my regular customers will know I periodically have some fantastic discount offers on my paintings, but this one is probably one of 'the best' offering you the opportunity to buy an original piece of art for £100 - This even includes free delivery to any UK mainland address! This makes it even more affordable to buy Art as a Christmas gift.

This fantastic offer is only available until Christmas so visit my website now to choose your painting.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Creative Art Workshops and Childrens Art Parties

Creative Art Workshops and Childrens Art Parties

Introducing.........Art Shaman

Creative Art Workshops and Childrens Art Parties

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Re-launch of Art Shaman Art Workshops website

Some of you may know that I run Art Workshops too!! I have been busy creating new workshops, including 'Peace Stone Painting' - Painting stones with all the things that make you the happiest in the form of symbols, images and words.

All Art Shaman Workshops will encourage you to explore & express yourself through the power of Art.

all images are copyrighted to the artist Jean G Dayton

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Being Authentic

Being Authentic

I have a unique gift to interpret the essence of anything I put my attention to through colour, shape, movement and flow, this I choose to do through Art – by working with higher energies I am able to sense subtle energies, this is something I have been refining for a very long time, all my life in fact to this point where I am ready to reveal my authentic self to all and express how I work.

Having been a full time artist for a number of years now I truly believe people are drawn to my paintings from an energy level, they might not know consciously why they like a particular piece, it just ‘resonates’ with them, this is because the energy of the painting in part or whole resonates with their authentic self. I sometimes don’t know why I paint what I do in terms of colour and shape and although influenced by my surroundings, in particular nature, I always know that the right person with the right energy will come along at the right time for one of my paintings, for the home the painting is meant for – and to date this has been so.

Although I have a limited work available for sale on my website I now work mainly on a commission basis. By choosing me to paint for you I will capture the essence of you, your family, your home through my artistic talent – I can interpret the essence of what it is that you want in your life, be it love, abundance, success or to create a peaceful healing environment within your home – you will know what is right for you and I will interpret that essence through Art. Your painting will carry the essence of what you want and be a constant energy reminder to you every time you or anyone else looks at it, the synergy will be perfect, the painting will resonate with you, the painting will be completely aligned with the highest potential for you. Please visit my Commissions page for more information on how to commission a painting.

My artwork can be found in many UK and International private collections with many of my paintings being published in various home interior magazines - please see my Press page for full listings.

Jean Dayton

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Art Shaman Workshops

It was Fab! I loved every minute of it and everyone had such fun! Here are the pics from my very first art workshop: It was Symbol Shell Painting : Adults and Children joined in the fun - it was a thoroughly enjoyable 3 hours. - to book your workshop!

Friday, 10 July 2009

Art Shaman Workshops

Art Shaman Workshops

Well, I said i wanted to do this and my dream is becoming a reality tomorrow with the first of 4 Art Workshops scheduled for the Summer. I am under the guise of The Art Shaman - rather liked that one so have stuck with it.

Art Shaman Workshops are basically about learning how to play and experiment through the Power of Creativity. You will learn more about yourself by tapping into your vast creative potential and will venture upon exploring colour and shape in a unique way. Working with a variety of different mediums from painting to beading, Art Shaman Workshops are guaranteed to awaken your child within. The workshops are created for both adults and children aged 10 upwards and all prices include all materials.

My idea behind these workshops is my belief that everyone can be creative and express themselves in a positive way. Expressing yourself is a healthy and natural state and being a ‘Creative’ myself I wanted to share my knowledge with others so they too can enjoy the many benefits of art & creative expression.

So here it is, the official lauch of Art Shaman Workshops:

So anyone interested in attending please book your place.


Friday, 12 June 2009

Not Not The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

My Next exhibition is at the McNeill Gallery: featuring my Abstract Yacht Seascapes

Thursday, 11 June 2009



50% OFF EVERTHING SUMMER SALE - all paintings on my website are now Half Price

Prices from £37.99

Purchase a large piece of Original Art for a bargain price of £149.99

Click here: to view the galleries





Thursday, 28 May 2009

From Concept to Completion

• From Concept to Completion

More and more clients are commissioning me to paint for them. I love the whole process from concept to completion. Here I explain a little more about this process and how you can commission me to paint for you.

For that personalised, unique touch why not commission an original piece of artwork. Discuss with me the size of the canvas, the style of painting and the colours that compliment your room to create your perfect painting. If you see something you like on my website and would like to have something similar, but maybe in a different size or colour then a commission is perfect for you. You can even send me photos of the room in question, sample colour boards, fabrics or wallpaper that match your decor for me to work from. I will endeavour to find the exact colour match for your choice of room.

Commissioning a painting doesn’t mean that you are going to pay more either (as is the common misconception). All my prices are calculated on the same basis whether they are for sale in the galleries or unique to you. I also offer free delivery for artwork being shipped to any UK mainland address. For a swift and personal response to discuss your requirements please call me on 07786 025779 or alternatively email me at for a no-obligation quotation.


With Spring comes a sense of the new, a fresh start, so I was thrilled to move into my new Art studio at Easter. Based in Dorset and just 2 minutes from the beach, my studio is light, spacious and set in glorious surroundings with stunning views, definite fodder for an artist who loves nature! Being so close to the beach I can’t resist a walk; on a painting day you will often find me walking along the shoreline at Highcliffe, gaining inspiration and absorbing the energy of the sea before starting a days painting.

I have been very fortunate and very busy with commissions of late - I love the whole process of liaising with clients and producing the perfect painting for them, just as they’ve envisaged.

With my new surroundings a fresh vibrant energy has been born within me spurring me on to bigger and better things; I have even started running again and am taking part in the Race for Life (for Cancer Research). I will also be starting my very own Creative Art Workshops details of which will be revealed soon on my website.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Spring Newsletter

My new Spring Newsletter can be found here, lots of news to share, insights and new work:

Friday, 1 May 2009

La Magnolia Sogna

Still spell-bound by my friends Magnolia tree.....

La Mognolia Sogna

40x20" oil on canvas

For those who like smaller paintings, more Magnolia paintings will be available soon!

all work copyrighted to the artist Jean G Dayton

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Flowers are all around me

The Haven

I just love this time of year and watching all of nature just blooming - the flowers at spring time are truly beautiful, like a breath of fresh air after a winter of no colour - a very dear friend of mine has an amazing Magnolia tree which has the most exquisite large flowers, its nearly at the end of flowering now, however I didnt want to miss the opportunity of catching this majestic beauty so I took some photos about a week ago - I didnt think at the time I would create a painting however I felt deeply inspired to paint this painting............It's a massive 36x24" oil on canvas.

I have called it 'The Haven' as my friends home is just that.

This and my other new florals will be available to purchase from my site very very soon.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Abstract Yacht Paintings - the Process

Artists work in different ways, I've never conformed to any way of working, I really have learnt and grown as I have evolved as an artist, just following my own instincts and going with the flow of what I love to paint, when I want to paint and my style has thing I have always done is to paint sketches in pencil and watercolour for any commissions that I do, here are 2 examples of sketches and final paintings that I did of 2 racing yacht paintings:

for more information about my yacht seascape paintings and to commission a piece please visit my website at

More Floral Paintings

Must be that Spring is here and with all this beauty around me I'm inspired to paint more florals:

These are 2 paintings I was recently commissioned to paint

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Yachts Yachts and more Yachts

Something I have a passion for is the sea, sailing and yachts! Although I have only been out sailing a handful of times I consider myself lucky to have experienced the thrill of riding the waves, enjoying the thrill of being on the sea, being part of a crew (I am no expert by any means), I just know what I love and love the sea - I have had this passion since I was a little girl, maybe its got something to do with having a Father who was in the Navy in his younger years and having most of the walls in our family house filled with paintings of yachts and sea vessels in various forms - whatever happened I have been deeply influenced and these are one of my favourite subjects to paint - I really am there when I paint these beauties!

Some recent completed commissions, a mixture of 10x14" and 16x12" canvases:

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Floral Mania

A collection of my abstract florals. Please visit my website for my full portfolio of work.

Winter Landscape Snow & Mountain Scenes

Abstract Landscapes by UK artist Jean G Dayton

Friday, 10 April 2009

My New Studio

At last!! I am in my new studio, finished setting it up yesterday and was straight down to work on some commissions. It's a lovely sunny space, really quiet with great views and I am sooooo happy there..

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Demo Reel - New Abstract Art

Check out my latest Video featuring my latest Abstract art - Demo Reel