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Sunday, 26 April 2009

Flowers are all around me

The Haven

I just love this time of year and watching all of nature just blooming - the flowers at spring time are truly beautiful, like a breath of fresh air after a winter of no colour - a very dear friend of mine has an amazing Magnolia tree which has the most exquisite large flowers, its nearly at the end of flowering now, however I didnt want to miss the opportunity of catching this majestic beauty so I took some photos about a week ago - I didnt think at the time I would create a painting however I felt deeply inspired to paint this painting............It's a massive 36x24" oil on canvas.

I have called it 'The Haven' as my friends home is just that.

This and my other new florals will be available to purchase from my site very very soon.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Abstract Yacht Paintings - the Process

Artists work in different ways, I've never conformed to any way of working, I really have learnt and grown as I have evolved as an artist, just following my own instincts and going with the flow of what I love to paint, when I want to paint and my style has thing I have always done is to paint sketches in pencil and watercolour for any commissions that I do, here are 2 examples of sketches and final paintings that I did of 2 racing yacht paintings:

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More Floral Paintings

Must be that Spring is here and with all this beauty around me I'm inspired to paint more florals:

These are 2 paintings I was recently commissioned to paint

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Yachts Yachts and more Yachts

Something I have a passion for is the sea, sailing and yachts! Although I have only been out sailing a handful of times I consider myself lucky to have experienced the thrill of riding the waves, enjoying the thrill of being on the sea, being part of a crew (I am no expert by any means), I just know what I love and love the sea - I have had this passion since I was a little girl, maybe its got something to do with having a Father who was in the Navy in his younger years and having most of the walls in our family house filled with paintings of yachts and sea vessels in various forms - whatever happened I have been deeply influenced and these are one of my favourite subjects to paint - I really am there when I paint these beauties!

Some recent completed commissions, a mixture of 10x14" and 16x12" canvases:

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Floral Mania

A collection of my abstract florals. Please visit my website for my full portfolio of work.

Winter Landscape Snow & Mountain Scenes

Abstract Landscapes by UK artist Jean G Dayton

Friday, 10 April 2009

My New Studio

At last!! I am in my new studio, finished setting it up yesterday and was straight down to work on some commissions. It's a lovely sunny space, really quiet with great views and I am sooooo happy there..