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Sunday, 27 April 2008

Pics from Latest Exhibition Preview Night

Preview Night At Spice Gallery
Here are some pics, kindly sent to me by the gallery owner Tracey Spice - they are taken from the Preview night at Spice Art Studios on 11th April...................... as you can see it was a very busy evening!

Friday, 25 April 2008

Essence of Nature

The Essence of Nature

When I am deciding to paint a new painting I draw my inspiration from Nature. I wanted to ponder a little on the process that takes me to the point of starting a painting, whether it be an abstract, semi-abstract, floral or seascape study. Living where I do I have an abundance of nature on my door step, I cant help but notice what surrounds me; whether it be the morning mist over the fields from the bedroom window or the way the trees are highlighted from the light in the moonlit sky, its these wonderous moments that make me feel like I could literally fall into my surroundings and become one with nature. Its sounds a little cheesy but that is how nature inspires me, it simply makes me feel good and that is what I want to capture within my paintings.

I quite like the fact that I can go off for a day with my camera investigating new places for inspirational memories, whether it be the seaside, the forest or across the farm fields, pretty good for job research! Shape and colour play an important role for me in my designs, colour in particular and the combinations of colours and how they make me feel, there are so many examples within nature of great colour combinations, you only have to look at the array of summer annuals we can plant in our gardens, the gorgeous colours in the fuschia flower, deep pinks and vivid purples together displayed to perfection or the delicate blue violet colour of the bluebells; particularly at this time of year with May just around the corner the bluebells being in full bloom, displaying their quiet beauty in our local woods.

As an artist I can draw all manner of information from nature to form a basis for a painting, whether it is how a leaf has fallen to the ground in the autumn months, creating a leafy path, the softness felt underfoot - my paintings Autumn Falls and Autumn Breeze were both inspired by my autumnal walks in the leafy forest. Or the way the light shines through the delicate petals of the tulip flower, accentuating it’s colour depth and tone. Nature is our constant reminder of who we truly are, it doesn’t struggle to grow, it gently and surely surfaces when its time, as without doubt it knows its purpose in life and flows with it. Wouldn’t it be great to live our lives alongside nature, perfectly in tune with our inner selves, constantly flowing with life in a joyful state of existence.

© Jean G Dayton 25.04.08

Monday, 14 April 2008

Mention in the Local Echo!

The preview night for my latest exhibition at Spice Art Studios in Southampton was on 11th April and here is an article that appears in the local paper today, The Southern Daily their 'Scene South' section.. thats me top left with two of my paintings, 'Orion' and 'Light'! A good evening was had by all.

Re-Launch of Website

Re-Launch of my Website
I have been tinkering again with my website which I re-launched on 12th April - I believe it is easier to navigate around and the menu is visible on every page you please do browse the new site, I have a slide show depicting my work on the homepage which is quite fun.
here's a snapshot:-

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Exhibition Starts

My first exhibition of 2008 has started !!
8th April to 17th May 2008

Its a joint exhibition showcasing my Abstract Work - at Spice Art Studios, Bitterne Park, Southampton, Hampshire.

Work in the exhibition, just click on the link to be taken to my website to view full details:-

Into the Blue oil on canvas (as featured above)

Orion - oil on canvas

Light - oil on canvas

Souls Journey - oil on canvas

The Opening - oil on canvas

Autumnal Flow - oil on canvas

Lavender Fields - acrylic on canvas

Lavender Valley - acrylic on canvas

Sunday, 6 April 2008

New Abstract Commissions | Yacht Racing Paintings

Here are a selection of abstract yacht seascapes commissions I have recently completed for a client. I welcome commissions, more details can be found on my website at - please email me with any commission requests.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

More Abstract Work

Some more abstracts completed and my inspirations behind their creation.


12x32" mixed media on 4cm boxed canvas - £175.00 available to purchase on my website at

Inspired by the flow of music, slightly textured piece following movement and colour. Painted in vivid turquoise cerulean blue, with splashes of lemon yellow and white this piece is pleasing to the eye and would look fresh and inviting in any contemporary setting.


2 boxed canvas (diptych) measuring 20x16" mixed media on 2 in no. 4cm boxed canvases - £180.00 available to purchase on my website at

2 boxed canvases make this abstract nature painting a stunning piece for your home or office. Painted in rich pinks, reds with a touch of gold. Slightly textured contemporary abstract painting.

There are many more new abstracts that can be found on my website at

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Abstract Work for 2008

I have been busy working on some new abstracts for my 2008 collection. Here are some of them. I have included my inspirations behind these abstracts

Beyond the Void

30x30in mixed media on 4cm boxed canvas - £430.00 available to purchase on my website now at

You are literally drawn to the centre of this painting; the observer feels drawn to go 'beyond the void' in this explosion of colour and thought. This painting has a translucent quality about it ranging from its delicate turquoise blues to its deep greeny blues. Being a large canvas artwork 'Beyond the Void' would look stunning in a contemporary home or office setting..

The Gold Within

36x16" mixed media on 4cm boxed canvas - £299.00 available to purchase now on my website at

This truly stunning abstract piece is painted in rich browns, gold, turquoise cerulean blue with hints of white. The overall impression with this painting is of another world, the gold within is a journey of discovery within the self - deep and mysterious yet emerging and soulful. This painting is a large canvas abstract piece.