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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Abstracts Inspired by the Sea and Warmer Shores

Anyone who knows me well will know I'm pretty much always going on about holidaying in the Maldives - having spent a wonderful 2 weeks on one of the many many Islands about 5 years ago, I long to go back and experience the warmth of the sun on my face in this truly magical place on our planet - I would so often say to myself whilst there ' I am in heaven on earth' and feel feelings of freedom and expansion just knowing that right now I am in the middle of the Indian Ocean, what an amazing feeling that is being away from it all, completely..........and yes, in my mind I go there often and experience all those feelings............anyway, this is what inspires me to paint the sea in the colours I have chosen - beautiful rich blues, turquoise and shimmers of gold and white:

Sea Breeze 90 x 90cm oil on canvas

Into the Dive 60 x 60cm oil on canvas

 I Feel the Energy 76 x 76cm oil on canvas

Across the Sands 100 x 76cm oil on canvas

all images are copyrighted to the artist Jean G Dayton

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Happy Customers - Happy Artist

A Solitary Role
Some may say being an artist is a solitary role, working on our own for the majority of the time and as a great deal of artists now sell their work mainly over the internet, a little impersonal too.

Positive Interaction
For me, I need the interaction with my clients and wherever possible I will always meet for consultations on a project and personally hand deliver paintings - this way I get to meet the person, get more of a feel for a project. This, apart from the actual painting, is the best part of my job, communication and interaction with my clients - something I put high up on my list as I pride myself in delivering high quality customer service.

Wonderful Feedback
So it is such a joy for me when I always get such wonderful feedback from my clients. Just recently I was commissioned to paint an abstract piece for a client who was buying a Christmas present for friends; I received an email from the friend who very kindly sent me a photo of the painting in situ, as below:

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Leading the Way

My latest Yacht commission 'Leading the Way' - a very large 48" x 24" oil on canvas

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