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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

February Newsletter

My February Newsletter is now live on my website - detailing latest exciting news, great offers and more just click on the link below:-

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Seascape Commissions for Jersey Hotel | Abstract Yacht Seascape Paintings

Its been a bit of a journey for me, from start to finish, but I am pleased and proud to say that finally the 2 seascape commissions I started at the end of 2007 are now in their new home in the Reception Foyer at the beautiful luxury Royal Yacht Hotel, St Helier, Jersey. The largest painting measuring 2m x 1.2m took up most of my studio - the paintings were a pleasure to paint on such a large scale, very liberating to work with such big canvases on a subject that is so dear to my heart - the sea!! They are based on the Fastnet range of abstract seascapes that I completed in 2007 - this range has proved to be my most popular to date.

Here are the 2 paintings:-

Commission 1 - 2m x 1.2m oil on canvas

Commission 2 - 1.2m x 1m oil on canvas

I am looking forward to more seascape commission in 2008! Watch this space!!!

all images are copyrighted to the artist Jean G Dayton

Friday, 25 January 2008

Summer Scenes

Memories of Summer holidays in Cornwall when I was a child have inspired me to paint some Summer scenes with children................... they really are very addictive to paint and conjur up happy memories of playing on the beach, making new friends, kite flying and building sand castles.....all painted in oils in a loose style.... all 10"x14" oil on canvas.

Summer Friendship

Fly Away Dreams

Sisters Together

all images are copyrighted to the artist Jean G Dayton

Thursday, 10 January 2008

2008 off to a Great Start

Well yesterday I said goodbye to the 2 large seascape commissions for Jersey, they will soon be in their new home. I shall be revealing all the details really soon, its all very exciting!

I am going to busy painting over the next week as I have been commissioned to paint 4 more paintings which is such a great start to 2008! I'm doing what I love every day..

Lots of ideas are formulating in my mind at the moment for new themes for designs. I shall be sharing these ideas when I have put them onto watch this space.

Oh AND the weather today is wonderfully windy and stormy, a fantastic day for taking some photos of the sea, so I might pop down to Lepe later and take some inspiration photos and go for my favourite walk along the shore...

Sunday, 6 January 2008

More inspirations - New Forest in Winter

My other favourite place is the New Forest - such a beautiful place and so much to see - every season is different and equally fascinating and are some pics i took today on a walk.............

Please note : all images are copyrighted and may only be reproduced with the artist's permission

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Lepe Beach Inspirations

Here are some pics that I took in the Summer at Lepe Beach on the Solent and the mouth of the Beaulieu River, plenty of sailing yachts and activity, this is where I go for inspiration to paint my seascapes and yachtscapes, I am going to be taking some winter pics too very soon, best to go on a very windy day, lots of sea spray!!

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Blanc Wall wall coverings- New for 2008

My paintings are now available as wall coverings.....view my paintings available in this format click on for more information
Have you ever thought about transforming an entire wall to feature your favourite piece of fine art or photography? Inspired? Let us introduce blanc wall® .

blanc wall® uses 3D scanning technology and a paste-free, waterproof media to create bespoke, large format wall coverings. Any wall can be transformed by reproducing original fine art, photography and even objects with exceptional detail and texture using iScan3D®. The blanc wall® coverings are then produced using phototex® - a self-adhesive, waterproof and incredibly durable fabric based media.

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