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Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Step by step Pet Portrait 2

Another pet portrait, stage by stage, a lovely jack russell pup and his owner.

Stage 1 - Both the pup and the owner have been outlined in pencil and I have concentrated on the jack russell first, I tend to do the eyes first on as I feel i make a connection with the subject.

Stage 2 - I have decided to do a green background as I wanted to give the impression that the subjects were outside within nature. Ive concentrated on the owner more now, shading and getting the eyes right.

Stage 3 final stage - I have added more fine hair detail to the pup and more depth and shading to the owner. The background now completed brings the subjects to the fore. Job done.

Step by step Pet Portraits

Step by step approach to a pet portrait, Chloe, a westie

Stage 1 - Ive drawn the outline and started on the eyes and marked out with grey the shading on Chloe's fur. I decided on a blue background as this best complemented Chloe's colouring.

Stage 2 - now I am adding more depth to the painting. Her character is really coming through now

Stage 3 and final stage - I have completed all the fine hair detail on Chloe and deepened the blue in the background.

Monday, 27 August 2007

Something Abstract for the weekend

Here is a wacky piece that I did yesterday...................... I have called it Carnival as it makes me feel like the carnival atmosphere is all around me........ love the reds, pinks and smatterings of gold in this one and splashes of white to finish it off! Can be viewed and is available for purchase on my website at - Carnival is 10" x 14" and is £65.00

Saturday, 18 August 2007

Pet Portraits

I have also completed several pet portrait commissions in the last few weeks......

Little Chloe, an adorable West Highland Terrier

Baz and Michael

I will be posting the different stages of each of these commissions

Both portraits can be viewed on my site at

Abstract Seascapes

I can't believe its been over a month since my last blog entry. I HAVE been really busy with commissions, my exhibition and new paintings. Sunday 12th saw the last day of my solo exhibition at Highcliffe Castle.

My next exhibition is running from 4th Sept to 24th Sept at a local venue, Hangar Farm Arts Centre, Totton, Southampton - I have called the exhibition 'The Nature of Nature' and I will be adding a few more seascapes to the collection. I have been working on these 'Fastnet' abstract seascapes inbetween doing my commissions...

I have 'imaginatively' called them Fastnet 1, Fastnet 2, Fastnet 3 and 4!!! :o) I am fascinated by the sea and would love to one day own a yacht (dreams eh!) I love the way the sea plays with the yachts and the movement of their sails in the wind.....anyway, here goes

Fastnet 1

Fastnet 2

Fastnet 3

Fastnet 4

They can all be found on my website at

copyright of all images remains with the artist Jean G Dayton 2007