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Monday, 8 December 2008

Abstract Seascapes

My latest Abstract Yacht Seascapes..........dynamic.........dramatic...........exhilerating.....

Passion of the Sea!!


copyright remains with the artist Jean G Dayton

Thursday, 4 December 2008

New Abstracts

Some of my new abstracts that I've been working on......................and my inspiration behind the paintings..just click on the images to be taken directly to my website with full artwork details.
'Matador' 36x24" large canvas art

Using vibrant reds inspired by Spanish tradition, shimmering gold and smatterings of black producing a dramatic piece; the passion of the Matador.

'Bolero' 36x24" large canvas art

Inspired by Spanish tradition and hugely influenced by the flow and passion of dance, vibrant reds, golds and black make up this striking abstract.

'Seahorse' 100cm x 50cm large canvas art

A gentle abstract seascape painting depicting swirls of turquoise blue, sandy browns and crisp white; the seahorse.

'Ice Blue' 36x24" large canvas art

The observer can almost feel the cool from this painting; cool tones of turquoise, flowing gold and snowy icy crisp white.

copyright remains with the artist Jean G Dayton

Monday, 1 December 2008

Interview with the Artist

I was recently asked to do an interview and here it is, gives some insight into how I work, where I've come from, my journey and how I see my work evolving.......

Interview December 2008

Jean, I know that you are a full time artist now but could you tell us a little about your artistic journey?

I have lived in the New Forest area of Hampshire for nearly 20 years now and love being surrounded by nature. I've always loved to paint or draw, however I started to get serious about painting as a career about 5 years ago when I painted a floral painting for our newly decorated home. Friends and family commented on how they admired the painting so I decided to paint more and since then I haven't looked back. I'd juggled a part-time office job together with my art career until 2 years ago when I made the decision to go full-time with my art and since then I have been constantly busy with commissions and sales.

You have a wide range of art in your portfolio – what’s your favourite style and why?

At the moment I feel happy and fulfilled painting abstracts, I love to experiment with colours, shapes and flow and I feel that my work will develop in these areas to create more dramatic and inspiring pieces.

How do you get your inspiration?

My main inspiration for my art is from nature. Colour plays an enormously important part in my art process and I am particularly drawn to different colour combinations, sometimes colours we wouldn’t normally put together look great on a canvas.

Your profile on-line says that people have found your paintings have healing qualities – could you tell us a little more about this please?

I strongly believe that colour is mood enhancing, so whether it be to calm and relax or to generate a positive energy, I endeavour to impress a particular feeling or emotion within my paintings. As an artist this is a great belief to have, as by putting different colours together to produce a piece of artwork and to achieve a positive response from the observer is hugely rewarding.

Who are your influences?

I love Monet, I was very fortunate this year whereby I visited the Museum of Modern Art in New York where there are several of Claude Monet's paintings, one of which blew me away 'Collections of Clouds on the Water-lily Pond' which is a huge painting of 3 panels in total measuring 6 feet x 41 feet - the colours are amazing, ranging from blue & subtle violet to delicate pink & white - I found this painting particularly inspiring.

Finally, what advice would you give to budding artists who would like to become full-time?

Believe in yourself. The more you believe in your work the more others will too. Be passionate about what you do and others will pick up on that through your work.

copyright Jean G Dayton 2008

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Winter Wonder - Christmas Gift Ideas

Winter Wonder

Stuck for a Christmas Gift Idea??

Our thoughts are turning to Christmas and the winter months ahead. I love this time of year as it has something truly magical to offer... The leaves on the trees have nearly all fallen now leaving a beautiful soft golden carpet for us to tread. There is an excited expectancy of what is around the corner and a gathering of our thoughts as we venture into the winter realms of nature.

If you are thinking of buying a special gift for someone this Christmas then now could be the time to take a look at my new collection of landscape paintings - I took my inspiration from snowy Alpine mountains and Tuscan valleys. Paintings such as ‘Snow Trek’ or ‘The Ski’ will appeal to the ski enthusiasts. I am also busy working on my new abstract collection which will be ready towards the end of November - a collection of vibrant abstracts with an emphasis on capturing the flow within nature.

'The Tree' 14x10" oil on gallery wrapped on the image to be taken to my website to view full details..

all images are copyrighted to the artist Jean G Dayton

Sunday, 2 November 2008

November Newsletter

My latest newsletter can be viewed here:

Detailing all my news, new work and any new ventures.

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Floral Delight

I have also been working on some new Florals...........
'Petal Rose' - painted on 3 canvasses (oil on canvas) - click on the image to view full details

'Bloom' - painted on 3 x canvases (oil on canvas) Just click on the image to view full details

New Collection Now Ready

New Landscape Collection

I have, today, unveiled my new collection of abstract landscape designs - all can be viewed on my website at

I have always always had a fascination with snow and would dearly love to experience a little more, however where i live, in the South of England, we tend not to get much....I think we had a few days last Winter when I was able to get out for lovely crisp walks in the forest with the crispness of the snow under my feet. My son Ben and I built a snowman and we even managed a snowball fight with the family next door - great fun!! So all of my winter landscapes are painted with a great deal of pleasure as I am painting them, so I hope you too feel the energy I have put into them.

Another addition to my Landscape Collection is my Scenes of Tuscany, a few are show below, however all can be viewed on my website at - Again, Italy holds a special place in my heart, having visited Italy a few times, I would love to one day own a villa in the countryside - I guess it's every artist's dream, to gain great inspiration looking out over the tuscan valleys, seeing the beautiful mix of colours ranging from terracotta to yellow ochre, a pure delight.

All the Landscapes are oil on canvas with a starting price of £149.00

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Snow Snow and more Snow

I am working on my new collection and here is a selection of some of the snowy mountainous landscape scenes I have been producing - snow is something that i love and I can only paint what i have a passion about, snow being one of these passions of mine............

copyright of all images remain with the artist Jean G Dayton

Tuesday, 14 October 2008


Jean’s portfolio of work is an eclectic mix of contemporary abstract paintings ranging from vibrant abstracts to roller-coaster yacht seascapes. Her work has a strong emphasis on the interaction of colour & flow and is largely influenced by nature with a firm interest in the sea. Often taking her Forest location, or the seashore at Lepe as inspiration for her work Jean loves the solitude of walking on the beach and derives great inspiration from the sea and shore.

“Being within nature is extremely important to me. I have realised that to enable me to really get into the depth and feeling of a painting, I need to experience how I feel when I’m within nature. I very often go for long walks on my own along the coast where I receive great inspiration from the intensity of the sea. I love observing how the sun plays with the sea creating a blanket of diamonds on the surface and how the wind whips up the waves as they crash to the shore, I just stand there taking it all in, the power and energy of the sea. I seem to be able to capture this essence and transpose this onto the canvas.”

Jean was recently commissioned by a UK design company to paint two large abstract yacht seascapes, featuring yachts in full sail, for the foyer at the Royal Yacht Hotel in St Helier, Jersey as part of a full refurbishment. Jean regularly exhibits her work in her home county of Hampshire and her work can be found in both private and corporate UK & International collections.

copyright © remains with the artist Jean G Dayton

Thursday, 9 October 2008

To Ponder - this is ME

A little pondering.......

I have been pondering more on my work and how I work...It got me thinking.....does the observer of art understand and feel the meaning behind the artists work? I can only answer this one from the artists viewpoint; as an artist I bare my soul through my work, art to me is an expression of who I am and where I am in my life made up of my life experiences to that point, so as time progresses I grow and so does my art, so art for me is forever evolving and growing. I paint mainly through how I feel about visual images that I see and I then interpret that in my own unique way through colour and shape on the canvas. I thought I would share that one with you as a little insight into my way of painting.....

This is one of my favourite paintings in my collection, 'Pachamama' meaning Quechan for Mother Earth......

Monday, 6 October 2008

The McNeill Gallery, Radlett, Herts

I am hugely excited about this.........My yacht seascapes are now in exhibition for sale at the McNeill Gallery in Radlett, Hertfordshire.

"The McNeill Gallery is one of Hertfordshire’s leading contemporary art galleries, founded in 1996. We have created a friendly environment for both artists and collectors and have acquired a reputation for excellence in presentation and selection. We are dedicated to promoting artists both from the UK and overseas who produce original art of great quality, to the benefit of established and emerging collectors. On our website ( you can view the work of some 80 artists of considerable merit. "

The McNeill Gallery exhibits work from many aclaimed artists including Alex Rennie who exhibited at BP Portrait Awards National Portrait Gallery London 2005/2006 (amazing work by the way)..

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Yachts Galore - in the wake of the Southampton Boat Show

Have you been to the Southampton Boat Show?? Did you enjoy all those amazing yachts?? Here is some Yachty Art to feast your eyes on, all action shots...........these are some of the yacht oil paintings on canvas I have been working on for a recent commission..

Please visit my website for my full portfolio of work including my yacht seascapes
all images: copyright remains with the artist Jean G Dayton

Monday, 15 September 2008

2007 Collection Sale

2007 Collection Sale

Last Chance to invest in one of my paintings at these low prices

This could be a fantastic opportunity to buy that perfect present at a 'More than Affordable' price maybe for a Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding Gift, New Home Gift or a unique Christmas Present

"I am preparing for the new. Constantly preparing for the new in life, which is a hugely exciting prospect, I love and embrace the new.......I am currently working on my new collection of work, to be revealed later on in the year. I am sorting out my portfolio and decided to offer a generous discount on the remainder of my 2007 season collection........please check out my site as you might find something that will fit with your decor at home or something bold, inspiring and motivational for the office. Perhaps a gift solution for an anniversary or birthday, new-home or a unique wedding gift (to name but a few ways of giving art as a gift)"

Please visit my website to browse the sale gallery.............

3 Good reasons to buy a Jean Dayton Original
* 14 day no quibble Guarantee
* FREE delivery to UK Mainland address (business or home)
* Make me an Offer feature (I will accept all reasonable offers on any of my artworks)

Friday, 12 September 2008

Abstract Yacht Seascapes

On the day of the beginning of the Southampton Boat Show I have completed some yacht seascape paintings, commissions I have been working on. I am looking out of my kitchen window as I type this and it is absolutely pouring with rain, good ol English weather.......good inspiration for some more yacht action shots!

here we go.....

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Make Me an Offer

New Website Feature - TODAY!!

I now have an option to 'make me an offer' on any artwork displayed for sale on my website - Just click on the link next to the painting and I shall endeavour to reply to your offer within 24 hours.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

August Newsletter - Original Abstract Art

My latest newsletter featuring my up-to-date news and offers & discounts can be found here (just click on the flower)

August Newsletter

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Colour in Art

Colour to Enhance Your Life

People are becoming more aware about the power of colour to heal every aspect of their lives. We are surrounded by colour within natures flowers, trees, rocks, minerals and animals and we mimic these colours in our homes with soft furnishings, upholstery and ART. Here you will find a brief introduction about colour, it’s positive benefits and how it can enhance your environment.

RED This colour has exciting & stimulating qualities, which is why it tends to be used in restaurants to stimulate the appetite and conversation; so a good colour to have in a dining room. Red is vibrant and gives us energy, it brings strength, warmth & energy and is associated with love.

PINK When white is added to red it transforms it to Rose Pink, a softer more delicate colour than red it’s associated with the feminine energies and with unconditional love. It’s a colour associated with good health and well-being. A Good colour to have in a bedroom

ORANGE The colour of joy, it has the power to encourage freedom and movement on all levels of our being. Its warm invigorating nature makes it a real mood lifter. It is also the colour of creativity so this colour would be a good colour to have in a study, work place or kitchen.

YELLOW It is the colour nearest to sunlight. Its sunny disposition radiates warmth and inspiration. Yellow works with the intellect and mental inspiration, making it a beneficial colour to use in a study or place of learning.

BLUE This colour promotes a sense of peace and relaxation, making it a good colour to have in a bedroom, meditation room or in a room set aside for relaxation. It is also the colour of communication so would be good to use in any communal areas of the home such as the dining room or lounge/sitting room.

GREEN The colour of balance. In nature it is the colour of life. As the colour of balance it is able to bring stability to both mind and emotions. An unassuming colour that has a soothing quality so again this would be a good choice of colour for a living room or family room, encouraging harmony within the home.

VIOLET This colour is a combination of the masculine energies of red and the feminine energies of blue, which gives this colour the ability to balance and calm these two energies within the home or within an individual. Bringing both physical and spiritual strength and calming to those experiencing sleep difficulties this colour would be most beneficial in a bedroom setting.

For colourful vibrant Art visit my website at

Monday, 4 August 2008

Beautiful Cornwall - Seascape Inspirations

I have just spent a glorious week holidaying in Cornwall - seeing the beautiful Cornish coastline in all weathers!! I found the experience wonderfully inspirational, I think I was so in awe of my surroundings that I forgot to take as many photos as I intended, here are a few that I took..........the camera never quite captures the essence of what you are viewing though - the sea was awesome the day I took these two, it was late afternoon, the sun was beginning its decent and the wind was whipping the waves up as they crashed to the shore, I just stood there taking it all in, the power of the sea...........

I can feel some new seascapes formulating!!

This was a view from our cottage; I love seeing bales of hay in the English... there's something quite warming and grounding about the whole viewing experience.

Friday, 25 July 2008

Summer's Past

A Feeling of Summer's Past, Summer's Fun and Summer's Warmth

I was recently commissioned to paint a lovely beach scene with 2 sisters happily walking on the beach, with buckets swinging, not a care in the world..................... I have painted several paintings in my 'children on the beach' series of late, I thoroughly enjoy painting them as they take me back to my childhood and that's where my inspiration came from for these scenes..........many happy memories from holidays in Cornwall as a child. This is the completed piece of 2 sisters, its called 'Sisterly Fun' - it has a crisp freshness about it, you can almost feel the warmth of the sun and the sand inbetween your toes.


It may take you back to years gone by or remind you of your children now. All the paintings in this series are painted in a very loose style, with the emphasis on flow.

'Sisterly Fun' - 10" x 14" oil on 4cm boxed canvas

For commissions please visit my site at

copyright of all images remains with the artist Jean G Dayton

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

In Situ

One of the best bits of my job is the satisfaction I feel when a customer is happy with his/her purchase or commission. It's so nice to get feedback from customers and from time to time I receive photos of my paintings in situ, on their destined walls! - recently I was asked to paint a 3rd painting to match a series of floral paintings, 'Fiori' and 'Fleur'; the resulting piece being named 'Flores' - my customer very kindly sent me a photo of the 3 on the wall! and here they are.... they are all oil on canvas 16" x 16" on deep edge canvas and I think you'll agree they look stunning.

So please do send me your photos of any paintings you have bought or commissioned me to paint as I would love to share them on my blog. Thank you.

Commissioning a painting can sometimes be the best way to get exactly what you want - visit my site at where you will find a step by step approach to commissioning an original piece of art!

Monday, 7 July 2008

Latest Commission

My latest floral commission to compliment Fiori and Fleur

16x16" oil on 4cm boxed canvas.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Artists Preview Night

**Art Exhibition Preview Night at Spice Art Studios**
*** 4th July 2008 ***
6.30 - 9pm

Just a little reminder that the Preview Night for my latest Art Exhibition is tomorrow night from 6.30 - 9pm at Spice Art Studios, Bitterne, Southampton. Spice is Southampton's newest and most exciting contemporary art gallery exhibiting the work of Hampshire artists. The exhibition running from 2nd July to 14th August previews my very latest abstract work.

Looking forward to meeting you at the preview! (refreshments are provided.)

please email me by return if you can make it along as I need to let Spice know numbers.

Thank you

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Latest Exhibition

My latest exhibition starts 2nd July running until 14th August

at Spice Art Studios, Bitterne, Southampton

Please check out my website for full details at

Some of the work that will be on display and for sale:-

Pachamama (means Mother Earth in Quecha)

Private View Friday 4th July 6.30 - 9pm at Spice Art Studios - refreshments provided - come along and meet the artist, view work in person and be the first to buy an original piece of art on the night.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Prices Slashed !!

Check out my website as I have dramatically reduced the prices on all of my original paintings - some by 50% - take some time to browse the galleries on my site and you may find something that you fall in love with...........

some of the bright gems in my collection are:-

Thursday, 22 May 2008

June Newsletter

My latest newsletter packed with my latest news, new work to buy, new ways to buy it and more - it's live and can be read at:-

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Ebay Shop

My Ebay shop is up and running and here it is:-

There are paintings in auction and paintings in my shop on the buy it now option (with the option to 'Make an Offer' - all reasonable offers are accepted).

The shop is easy to navigate around and paintings are listed under relevant categories. These are the categories, just click on them to be taken to my shop:-

Abstract Art

Seascape, shore, ocean, waves

Autumn, fall, leaves

Landscapes, snow, mountains

Children beach scenes, kites

Geometric Shapes, flow, swirls

Impressionism Art

Happy bidding!!!

There will also be a direct link from my website to my ebay shop.

Friday, 16 May 2008

Artist Inspirations

My new Video - Artist Inspirations

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Abstract Art - Inspirations

The Artists Inspiration for Abstract Art

As an artist the main thing that inspires me to paint abstract art is the relationship between colour and shape and the different ways in which they complement each other. I mainly can look at nature and see shapes and colour and sometimes I am inspired to paint an over accentuated image of what I have seen, for example some of the abstract florals I have produced have been my interpretation in close up of a flower from my garden. However I am also inspired and fascinated by urban surroundings and buildings and their architectural shapes and lines.


Essentially artists draw inspiration from the world around them and from their own experiences. However, in my experience I have also been inspired by my spiritual guides. Whether or not you hold the belief that there is a life beyond what we see around us we are very often influenced by unseen forces and energies. The universe is an immense place full of moving energy; in fact we are moving energy intertwining with each other, learning and growing, experiencing life. Life and everything we see is energy.

Beyond the Void
For those who are interested and believe in the concept of spiritual guides and how these spiritual guides can channel information to us can consciously use this as a tool when performing any creative task. Have you ever been so engrossed in what you are doing creatively that everything flows and you produce a piece of work that far exceeds anything you have achieved before? Well of course firstly it is down to an artist’s natural talent but also it could well be that in your moment of focus that you were in fact channelling the work of a high spiritual guide who too has artistic gifts. Many writers and poets will say that they receive an inspiration (sometimes in the middle of the night) and have to write down their inspirations – where does that come from? I myself have woken in the morning with my head full of ideas for a piece of artwork; I mainly get inspirations about colour and I would say that colour is my main focus within my work and I know from my experience that I am working with my guide to produce my paintings.


As artists we often keep diaries of our inspirations to use at a later date. It is always a useful necessity to have a notebook on hand at all times as you never know when an idea for a painting may come about. Once a spark of an idea is born and written down it is likely that the idea will develop as you are writing, these ideas are used as reference at a later date when they can be expanded upon to produce the desired result. Another useful tool is the camera, which I very often carry with me on my travels so that I can record anything that inspires me.

Ride the Wave
Nature inspires me greatly. The positive and powerful energy of my surroundings is important to me and I am very lucky to live somewhere where I have an abundance of nature; a beautiful garden, surrounding fields full of wildlife, woodland and forest and as I live by the coast, the sea. I am fascinated by the sea; from early childhood I have loved to be by the sea, I call it my ‘spiritual home’, I guess that is why I paint many seascapes as I have this affinity with the sea. The energy of the sea inspires me to paint and I endeavour to capture the passion, wildness and enormity of the sea.

The Gold Within

Therefore as abstract artists we draw our inspiration from a variety of sources and interpret our experiences differently. Fundamentally our abstract work is a reflection of who we are, an expression of ourselves.

copyright Jean G Dayton 2007

Articles I have written taken from my website -