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Thursday, 28 June 2007

Flower Power


My offering for today is an abstract floral which was inspired by the falling petals from the flowers in my garden. Before I venture into my studio in the morning I quite often walk around my garden for inspiration (if its not raining!). I like to look at which flowers are blooming, which ones have made their descent into the ground again and the patterns the petals make when they fall on the grass.... I wanted this painting to be delicate and feminine yet bold and abstract too.

I underpainted in acrylics using various reds and one of my favourite W&N colours at the moment, Opera Rose, its quite like any other colour, a beautiful vivid pink. I then painted in oils in blends of deep burgundy reds, crimson, scarlet red and pink. The finished piece is quite striking and has a energy of its own - it is a 36" x 16" canvas.

I have recently made a few videos for Youtube to show my work and my art process. Not only do I paint abstracts, seascapes, florals I paint pet portraits and ACEO's too. ACEO's (Artists Cards Editions and Originals) miniature art. I was recently commissioned to paint a Beagle dog called Stanley, I have made a vid of this:-

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Full Steam Ahead

Into the Sun

I can't believe its Thursday again tomorrow.... time does fly at the moment, its probably because I am working like a trojan trying to get everything finalised for my exhibition.. its all exhibition exhibition exhibition at the mo.... Anyway, inbetween times I have managed to complete a further 2 paintings today, the first is called 'Into the Sun' and will be part of the exhibition and I have posted a pic of it here.

My inspiration for this pic is the warmth of the sun and the glow it has on its surroundings. I love this image as it is tranquil yet strong and powerful.
It is painted on a 30 x 30" canvas so quite stunning in the flesh.


The second painting that I finished today is rather more abstract than 'Into the Sun'. I have called it 'Light' - I chose the name beforehand so I had an idea as to the effect I wanted to produce; light reflections forming dark and light areas of colour, I have chosen greens and blues again, similar colours to that of 'Aqua' - I really enjoyed painting this piece to music today, it was some chill out music with a hint of eastern rythym to it so the drums kind of helped the painting flow along. It really does make a difference to my mood when I play music whilst painting; I usually go by my intuition as to whether I need it or not.

Monday, 25 June 2007

Monday again!!

Its monday again.... time is just flying by at the moment. Only a week to go before I put my paintings up at Highcliffe Castle. Just finalising everything this week, checking I have all the paintings strung, leaflets sorted etc.

Today the weather is rather putting me off painting anything, I have fully intended on doing so, however it has rained relentlessy over the weekend and looks like its set to continue. So instead I am writing my blog and yesterday I spent the day (on and off) sorting out a video to promote my work on Youtube which you can see by clicking on the link:-

Yet another learning curve. I think I must spend about 65% of my art career painting and 35% promoting myself - on and offline.

Well I think I will go and sit in my studio for a while and see if I can muster up some inspiration to paint.

Friday, 22 June 2007

Mystical Colours

Finished this piece today. It's in the same style as '
Orion' and is by far smaller at a cute 10" x 10". I love doing these smaller pieces as they flow really easily onto the canvas - I call them 'colour bites' as they are so vivid and succinct. I am really into these colours at the moment; the vivid pinks, deep blues and mystical violets, hence the name.

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Music or Not

Just thought I would talk about my art process a little more. I didn't make a blog entry yesterday so thought I would do so early today... before I start painting and maybe I will have a completed piece to show later - i underpainted another large 30x30" canvas yesterday (I always underpaint in acrylics and continue with oils). Yesterday I woke up very early with all these colours in my head, (in my minds eye) it was quite bizarre, the colours that i could mainly see were deep indigos and exquisite violet colours, so this inspired me to paint in these colours. The painting is very much in the early stages at the moment, however I am hoping today it will evolve today.

I wanted to talk about how music effects me when I am painting and to me it is crucial to work in a happy and comfortable environment as this enables me to express myself fully in my artwork.

Whether I play music largely depends on what kind of mood I am in as sometimes I need to paint in complete silence. However with music I have found it has without doubt helped some of my paintings evolve. I have painted some of my best abstracts to Madonna!! Another favourite for a very relaxed approach is Jack Johnson. Lately I have been using more calming chill out music, the likes of Buddha Bar and Café del Mar which take me off to creative places in my mind.


Well i have finished the piece that I was working on, I have called it Orion. I firstly underpainted with acrylic with phthalo blue, black, cerulean blue, violet, magenta and winsor & newton opera rose, a beautiful vivid pink which really complements the colours in the painting. I have tried to recreate the colours that I saw on waking yesterday morning in this piece, (vivid violets, blues and deep indigos). I use Liquin Original as a medium for washes and to give the painting a transluscent effect; when mixed with the oil colours it gives the oil fluidity and I am able to blend the colours to achieve the results I want. When I am working on such a large canvas I turn the canvas around to see it from a different perspective which gives me a different feel for the work and I am constantly moving the brush around the canvas, I am not always aware that I am doing this, however as a result of this it helps with the continuous flow of the painting.

The finished image I am really pleased with, the photograph as usual doesn't do the painting justice as there is a lot of depth to the painting and you really do feel like you are in another world. (note, must get a better camera!!) :o)) - oh nearly forgot to mention, I painted this one to Buddha Bar VII.

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

The Abstract Artist - beginning of the week

My abstract work is flowing at the moment. I wake up very early some mornings and inspiration comes to me, I get images in my head and sometimes have to get up and write down the information. Its normally colours that I see or shapes and how the colours relate to each other. I work very closely with my feelings and my spiritual guides and today I felt inspired to work with aqua, blues & greens....And this is the result, I am very pleased with the colours and the painting just flowed. Its an oil, I love the vibrancy of the colours, the picture doesn't do it justice, it really is one of those paintings you could just literally fall into and drift off somewhere relaxing! I have called it 'Aqua'. Its a massive 30" x 30" oil on chunky canvas.

A perfect day for painting as the sky is slightly cloudy so no glaring sun. My studio is south facing so sometimes the sun shines in too much making it difficult to paint. However today was a good day. I'd decided that this week was going to be a week crammed full of painting. I have commissions to do and paintings for my forthcoming exhibition at Highcliffe Castle, so I am very very busy. It's all good....

Completed Pieces

Today, a sunny morning so not the greatest time to paint in my studio, although its not too bright very early on, so i was up extremely early and in my studio at 8.30am. I meditate every morning, especially when I am painting that day as I find it helps me to focus really well. Focus is the key word to getting work done, as an artist, especially an abstract artist you need to be feeling just in the right mood to paint from your feelings about your chosen subject. I go through a little ritual of making myself a coffee, getting my brushes ready, mixing my paint, choosing my music, if it feels right. I sometimes have music playing as it helps to get the energy going, however, today I decided to paint in silence - my studio is in my garden so when I say quiet, that's rather dependent on next doors cat meowing at my studio door or the neighbourhood birds having their morning conversations. I love it really, i am very lucky in that I am surrounded by nature. That is very important to me that I have this environment in which to work, of course I get inspiration from nature and my garden is a great source for some of my paintings.

I completed a piece that I'd underpainted yesterday, my inspiration came from the wind in the air and how it made the the flowers in the garden sway and dance, particularly the petunias in the pots and baskets.. I have tried to capture a feeling of movement within the painting, a subtle breeze on various summer colours. I have called it 'Breeze', simple yet descriptive enough to capture a mood. It's a 36 x 16" oil on canvas. The naming of a painting is very important to me, as in a way, my paintings are my 'children', I put so much of myself into my work as I am completely passionate about art, that to name my paintings is a major part of the art process for me.

Touch of Green
This is the second piece that I started yesterday. I am really pleased with it. I wanted a piece that was fresh, clean and crisp, vibrant and stunning and I wanted to work with greens. Its a 24 x 24" oil on canvas and will be exhibited at Highcliffe for my solo exhibition. I have called it 'A Touch of Green'.

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Art Review in Magazine

Contemporary Abstract Art for Modern Living

From time to time my work has featured in various magazine articles, the following is one that appeared in Hampshire's AND Magazine

Art for All – review of Jean Dayton’s work in AND Magazine Dec07/Jan08 issue by Lionel Maitland.

“One of the agendas for AND Magazine is to seek out and promote local talent. There are few more talented locals than Jean, whose work we first became aware of through a promotion for local artists. It simply blew us away. Our only criticism – she’s too affordable. A state, that surely can’t – if there is any justice at all – continue.” Martin

I suppose many of us take art, as in paintings, for granted. Wherever you are reading this article, I suspect you can look around you and see an artist’s work on display on a wall. Do we ask ourselves, in a restaurant for instance, why that picture, why that colour scheme, who chose it? Probably not. Taking that thought process into your own home, how do you choose what hangs on your wall? Is it a visit to a local gallery, a department store, picking out something ‘nice’?

Here’s a thought if you want something for your home, or indeed your workplace, that not only tones in with your colour schemes, but also is unique to you, and will attract admiring glances and compliments on your selection. Why not talk directly to an artist about your needs, your wishes and allow such a professional to produce for you, your own ‘work of art’. At this point, don’t be put off by any financial implication of that phrase.

There is an artist in the New Forest, Jean G Dayton, who believes passionately not only in her own art but also in incorporating her work into the design schemes of her customers. Jean produces stunning landscapes, seascapes and modern abstracts, often taking her Forest location, or the seashore at Lepe, as inspiration for her work. She loves the solitude of walking on the beach and derives great inspiration from the sea and shore. Equally she values the easy access to the New Forest and particularly in the autumn months, when the leaves provide such a range and depth of colour to inspire her work. Jean is very knowledgeable in terms of suitability of colours for particular locations. For instance, red is seen as an exciting and stimulating colour, often used in restaurants and dining rooms, where it can help sit8imulate both appetite and conversation. Orange, another warm colour is seen as having the power to stimulate movements and is a mood lifter. Consequently it is popular in a home study or in a workplace. These are just two examples. Jean will give you more colour ideas and inspirations for the information on her website

A project that Jean is currently very excited to be working on is the production of 2 large seascapes for a hotel. The larger one measures 2m x 1.2m. At this moment Jean cannot disclose the name of the hotel but promises to do so when they are hung and the details will then appear on her website. There is also growing interest in her work from the corporate and business sector. Jean will be happy to take commissions for that special picture to create a great first impression in reception or to enrich the boardroom. Recently she has been commissioned by the Waldock Art Gallery in Dublin to supply paintings for sale and that has proved so popular that repeat orders have been received.

For discerning clients who are either redecorating or redesigning the home, or are not quite sure as to what colours may work in a given environment, Jean will offer a home consultancy service, so that the end result is what the client really wants, rather than an impulse buy, which may or may not fit the bill. Jean feels strongly that financially, art should be accessible to all. A look at her website will confirm that philosophy, as a 10” x 14” original canvas could be bought from as little as just £75.

Currently with Christmas in mind she is even offering, 3 for 2 plus a 20% discount. There are winter landscape paintings, Christmas cards and gift vouchers too.

Almost all of Jean’s work is in oil paint and of course, specially commissioned pieces will cost a little more than a stock item, as time will be needed to research, understand the needs of the client and ultimately produce what will be a unique piece for the buyer. Jean sees business growing across all the areas I have mentioned above. She is expanding her supply to galleries and in addition, will be delighted to take new commissions from private buyers and also from corporate clients looking to create that sense of originality in the office.

Her website contains a host of information, many examples of her work together with prices and the opportunity to buy, should you see something you like.

“I am hugely excited about what 2008 has to offer, 2007 has been a truly fantastic year for me and I feel that my foundations in the art market have now been well and truly set.” Says Jean “I really never know what is around the corner in respect to my creativity. I just go with the flow allowing my inspirations to develop into thought and ultimately develop into a painting.”

I would certainly suggest that it is worth a few moments of anyone’s time to browse the site and top contact Jean if you would like to become the proud owner of a truly stunning and unique piece of art.

Monday, 18 June 2007

Contemporary Abstract Art

Contemporary Abstract Art

As a professional Artist I am passionate about contemporary abstract art and how I can use it to express myself. I also have a passion for nature so in my abstract art paintings I combine the two. I believe that abstract art is the art of the future as it conveys a message to the observer.

In my experience, and I hear this from my customers all the time, people are drawn to the vibrant colours and shapes. An abstract art painting needs to resonate with the observer for that person to want to have it displayed in their home. The painting needs to ‘ring a chord’ deep within, to hold that ‘special something’, that ‘je ne sais quoi’. Abstract art can be a mystery, as people don’t know why they are drawn to a piece, it just IS right for them.

Colour and shape play an important part in the overall design of the abstract piece. Some people say that abstract art is ‘easy art’ or they say ‘a child could do that !’, playing down the greatness of the abstract work. However, most abstract art is inspired work that is channeled through the artist in one way or another, so abstract art has a unique quality of being a very personal art making it unique in its concept. Abstract artists work with their emotions and their sense of feeling for a particular subject, whether it be seascapes, landscapes, sunsets or flowers. The way in which I work is that I tune into nature and feel inspired by its colours and shapes, then I feel a sense of deep calm and peace and am then able to paint in a very focused state, resulting in a unique piece of artwork. That is the beauty of abstract art, you never find 2 pieces the same!!
If anyone has a piece of abstract artwork in their home they will know that every time they look at that piece of art it changes their mood, a connection is made. And that is the crux of contemporary abstract art; it conveys a message. It can be a great healing tool whereby it can calm the emotions, spark desire or creativity, provoke a happy memory, enable the observer to daydream or just the fact of the colour vibration and the effect that can have on the observer. Abstract art is great, it can enrich our lives and enhance our environments whether it be the office or the contemporary modern home.

"Jean Dayton is an Internationally selling British artist specialising in Abstract art. Her site contains a complete portfolio of affordable art ranging from stunning seascapes, vivid landscapes, sunsets and unique abstracts all to buy online. Contemporary Abstract Art at affordable prices."

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Contemporary Abstract Art

Contemporary Abstract Art

Welcome to my blog 'The Abstract Artist'. Follow my art process from my initial inspirations to my finished pieces. Please subscribe to my blog to receive regular updates of my contemporary abstract artwork, exhibitions and any special offers that I may offer.