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Thursday, 4 December 2008

New Abstracts

Some of my new abstracts that I've been working on......................and my inspiration behind the paintings..just click on the images to be taken directly to my website with full artwork details.
'Matador' 36x24" large canvas art

Using vibrant reds inspired by Spanish tradition, shimmering gold and smatterings of black producing a dramatic piece; the passion of the Matador.

'Bolero' 36x24" large canvas art

Inspired by Spanish tradition and hugely influenced by the flow and passion of dance, vibrant reds, golds and black make up this striking abstract.

'Seahorse' 100cm x 50cm large canvas art

A gentle abstract seascape painting depicting swirls of turquoise blue, sandy browns and crisp white; the seahorse.

'Ice Blue' 36x24" large canvas art

The observer can almost feel the cool from this painting; cool tones of turquoise, flowing gold and snowy icy crisp white.

copyright remains with the artist Jean G Dayton

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