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Thursday, 28 June 2007

Flower Power


My offering for today is an abstract floral which was inspired by the falling petals from the flowers in my garden. Before I venture into my studio in the morning I quite often walk around my garden for inspiration (if its not raining!). I like to look at which flowers are blooming, which ones have made their descent into the ground again and the patterns the petals make when they fall on the grass.... I wanted this painting to be delicate and feminine yet bold and abstract too.

I underpainted in acrylics using various reds and one of my favourite W&N colours at the moment, Opera Rose, its quite like any other colour, a beautiful vivid pink. I then painted in oils in blends of deep burgundy reds, crimson, scarlet red and pink. The finished piece is quite striking and has a energy of its own - it is a 36" x 16" canvas.

I have recently made a few videos for Youtube to show my work and my art process. Not only do I paint abstracts, seascapes, florals I paint pet portraits and ACEO's too. ACEO's (Artists Cards Editions and Originals) miniature art. I was recently commissioned to paint a Beagle dog called Stanley, I have made a vid of this:-

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh i love it!!!!!! I really love the colours!!!! hayley xxx