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Monday, 2 July 2007

Exhibition Day

Well today is the day when I put up my paintings at Highcliffe. Just waiting to leave now, not far to go, just half an hour in the car - the car is all packed up - all that hard work over the last few months - all done! I finished at 10.30 last night!! All details of the exhibition will be available to view on my website in the next few days -
click here for more details. I have managed to paint a few more paintings over the last week that will be in the exhibition.....


I love the design and how this painting jumps out at you - beautiful colours of zesty orange and yellows - the photo doesnt do the painting justice in this image however, the lines are more crisp in reality.

Refreshing Skies

Also I decided to paint another sunset to complement 'Into the Sun', I have called it 'Refreshing Skies', a nice relaxing warming image.

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