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Sunday, 14 October 2007

Flower Commission

Starting a commission for a flower painting, I firstly decided on the flower that I was going to use for the project.. I have some lovely Hydrangeas in my garden and am always fascinated by their beauty, i particulary love the uniform of flowers that go to make up a seemingly larger flower creating a wonderful display of colour with different hues.

Firstly I draw a rough sketch of the flower, this will form the basis for my painting.

Then I decided on the layout as i wanted to use the same image in different posititions on the canvas, to create a relatively uniform image. I have been colour charts and samples of colour by my client so I have a very good idea of what i want the finished painting to look like.

So I draw out on my canvas the position of the flowers and start the first flower. I am painting in a loose abstract style using a palette knife and flat end brush and using a blending brush to soften certain areas. I like to do each flower individually as it helps me with the flow of the painting.

All the flowers finished now, I have blended the oils and spent time on building depth and with the darker 'rose' colour:

Finally, I add the background, an ivory cream and also add blushes of rose within the background to soften. I also use smatterings of grey/silver and the darker rose colour around the painting to add more interest. This is the finished result:


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