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Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Christmas is just around the corner

I can't believe that the Christmas season is nearly upon us. Fast approaching the end of November it really puts things into perspective! I've been walking a lot in the Forest lately and have really noticed the change in the colours - I took some photos last week of a local walk to where I live which I've posted on my blog - and even since then the leaves are changing to even deeper shades of amber, reds and rusty browns. I'm really enjoying the change in the season and am looking forward to some snowy walks in the not too distant future, however it's not something we generally get in the South of England, not until Feb March time (if we are lucky!)

I just wanted to check in as I haven't posted for over a week. Next week is going to be extremely busy for me as I am starting 2 very large commissions - all will be revealed very very soon as to the nature of these paintings - I have been busy today sorting out my studio in preparation for them........

I am busy with a flower commission this week so will post as soon as I have some pics to show.

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sylvie d said...

Really nice artwork you are displaying in your blog. :-)