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Friday, 9 November 2007

How Art can enhance the Office Environment

How Art can Enhance the Office

In an increasingly competitive business environment, abstract art is playing a key role in enhancing and communicating the image, ethos and values of a growing number of companies and organisations. You only have to look around in the business world and you will increasingly find sleek offices carefully furnished by Interior Designers with contemporary furnishings including large abstract contemporary paintings.

Art invigorates working environments, conveying a potent message to clients and investors, and inspiring creativity and reducing stress among employees.

For employees to work in a relaxed environment is so important in the busy corporate business environment. To work in an environment adorned with quality contemporary abstract art can refresh and motivate an individual. In my opinion when an employee performs a very academic working role, working mainly in a logical and analytical manner (or left brain, linear) it is good practice on the part of the employer to balance this with artistic surroundings (whether it be furnishings, ceramics, photography or original art) thus stimulating the right brain. The right brain functions in a non-verbal manner excelling in visual, spatial, perceptual and intuitive information, qualities equally important in the business environment.

Environment is equally important to the client but for different reasons. Although the feel of a place is important to a client, more so are the appearance and aesthetics of his surroundings. Clients arriving at a building will see certain key areas such as the reception, meeting rooms, dining areas and lift lobbies. This provides a company an ideal opportunity to present abstract contemporary art that reflects and underpins the organisations style and philosophy.

Interior Designers are employed by corporate businesses to choose art and furnishings to suit the environment that best represents the values of the organisation, part of his job is to find art that reflects the company ethos at a competitive price. Interior Designers sometimes choose commissioned original artwork from artists, as this is a cost effective alternative than mass produced printed paintings. Most artists will offer a service whereby Interior Designers or companies can commission art direct from the artist.

In the modern business environment Abstract art is not a luxury but an essential part of a business identity. Abstract contemporary art can completely develop the branding of a company and using the psychology of colour make every space aesthetically pleasing.
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