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Saturday, 26 January 2008

Seascape Commissions for Jersey Hotel | Abstract Yacht Seascape Paintings

Its been a bit of a journey for me, from start to finish, but I am pleased and proud to say that finally the 2 seascape commissions I started at the end of 2007 are now in their new home in the Reception Foyer at the beautiful luxury Royal Yacht Hotel, St Helier, Jersey. The largest painting measuring 2m x 1.2m took up most of my studio - the paintings were a pleasure to paint on such a large scale, very liberating to work with such big canvases on a subject that is so dear to my heart - the sea!! They are based on the Fastnet range of abstract seascapes that I completed in 2007 - this range has proved to be my most popular to date.

Here are the 2 paintings:-

Commission 1 - 2m x 1.2m oil on canvas

Commission 2 - 1.2m x 1m oil on canvas

I am looking forward to more seascape commission in 2008! Watch this space!!!

all images are copyrighted to the artist Jean G Dayton

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