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Saturday, 2 February 2008


Student Studying ‘A’ Level in Fine Art

In June 2007 I was contacted by a student from New College Telford in her 2nd year of A Level Fine Art. As part of her 2nd year Hayley was required to do an intensive study of an artist’s work she admired. Hayley found my work on the internet and contacted me. Like me, Hayley has a passion for bright bold colours and flowers and was very drawn to several of my floral designs. I was thrilled to be asked by Hayley to be part of her project and since then we have been in regular contact, with lots of questions being asked about my art process & discussions about her project. It’s been a great experience and I really wish Hayley all the best in her project and for the future. I just wanted to share some of her work/sketches with you which are of her floral studies and I think you’ll agree are beautiful; I particularly love the depth & tone achieved in the black/white studies.

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