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Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Abstract Work for 2008

I have been busy working on some new abstracts for my 2008 collection. Here are some of them. I have included my inspirations behind these abstracts

Beyond the Void

30x30in mixed media on 4cm boxed canvas - £430.00 available to purchase on my website now at

You are literally drawn to the centre of this painting; the observer feels drawn to go 'beyond the void' in this explosion of colour and thought. This painting has a translucent quality about it ranging from its delicate turquoise blues to its deep greeny blues. Being a large canvas artwork 'Beyond the Void' would look stunning in a contemporary home or office setting..

The Gold Within

36x16" mixed media on 4cm boxed canvas - £299.00 available to purchase now on my website at

This truly stunning abstract piece is painted in rich browns, gold, turquoise cerulean blue with hints of white. The overall impression with this painting is of another world, the gold within is a journey of discovery within the self - deep and mysterious yet emerging and soulful. This painting is a large canvas abstract piece.

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