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Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Abstract Art - Inspirations

The Artists Inspiration for Abstract Art

As an artist the main thing that inspires me to paint abstract art is the relationship between colour and shape and the different ways in which they complement each other. I mainly can look at nature and see shapes and colour and sometimes I am inspired to paint an over accentuated image of what I have seen, for example some of the abstract florals I have produced have been my interpretation in close up of a flower from my garden. However I am also inspired and fascinated by urban surroundings and buildings and their architectural shapes and lines.


Essentially artists draw inspiration from the world around them and from their own experiences. However, in my experience I have also been inspired by my spiritual guides. Whether or not you hold the belief that there is a life beyond what we see around us we are very often influenced by unseen forces and energies. The universe is an immense place full of moving energy; in fact we are moving energy intertwining with each other, learning and growing, experiencing life. Life and everything we see is energy.

Beyond the Void
For those who are interested and believe in the concept of spiritual guides and how these spiritual guides can channel information to us can consciously use this as a tool when performing any creative task. Have you ever been so engrossed in what you are doing creatively that everything flows and you produce a piece of work that far exceeds anything you have achieved before? Well of course firstly it is down to an artist’s natural talent but also it could well be that in your moment of focus that you were in fact channelling the work of a high spiritual guide who too has artistic gifts. Many writers and poets will say that they receive an inspiration (sometimes in the middle of the night) and have to write down their inspirations – where does that come from? I myself have woken in the morning with my head full of ideas for a piece of artwork; I mainly get inspirations about colour and I would say that colour is my main focus within my work and I know from my experience that I am working with my guide to produce my paintings.


As artists we often keep diaries of our inspirations to use at a later date. It is always a useful necessity to have a notebook on hand at all times as you never know when an idea for a painting may come about. Once a spark of an idea is born and written down it is likely that the idea will develop as you are writing, these ideas are used as reference at a later date when they can be expanded upon to produce the desired result. Another useful tool is the camera, which I very often carry with me on my travels so that I can record anything that inspires me.

Ride the Wave
Nature inspires me greatly. The positive and powerful energy of my surroundings is important to me and I am very lucky to live somewhere where I have an abundance of nature; a beautiful garden, surrounding fields full of wildlife, woodland and forest and as I live by the coast, the sea. I am fascinated by the sea; from early childhood I have loved to be by the sea, I call it my ‘spiritual home’, I guess that is why I paint many seascapes as I have this affinity with the sea. The energy of the sea inspires me to paint and I endeavour to capture the passion, wildness and enormity of the sea.

The Gold Within

Therefore as abstract artists we draw our inspiration from a variety of sources and interpret our experiences differently. Fundamentally our abstract work is a reflection of who we are, an expression of ourselves.

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Gemma Climpson said...

Jean, I absolutely love 'Beyond the Void' and 'Ride the Wave' - they are beautiful!

Jean G Dayton said...

Thank you Gemma :o)