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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Ebay Shop

My Ebay shop is up and running and here it is:-

There are paintings in auction and paintings in my shop on the buy it now option (with the option to 'Make an Offer' - all reasonable offers are accepted).

The shop is easy to navigate around and paintings are listed under relevant categories. These are the categories, just click on them to be taken to my shop:-

Abstract Art

Seascape, shore, ocean, waves

Autumn, fall, leaves

Landscapes, snow, mountains

Children beach scenes, kites

Geometric Shapes, flow, swirls

Impressionism Art

Happy bidding!!!

There will also be a direct link from my website to my ebay shop.


Martin Stickland said...

whoopideedoo! Love your art too!

Found you via Gemma's site, what a great talent you have too.

I love your nick of the woods, my best man lives in Lymington, do they still sell fresh fish down at Muddiford? That is a lovely place.


Jean G Dayton said...

Hi Martin
Glad you like my work and thank you for posting a comment. Gemma's paintings are amazing aren't they! Im just there when I look at them.
Lymington, don't visit it too often although not that far away, not been to Mudiford for ages, sometimes go to the beach at Friars Cliff, not far from Mudiford. Anyway, thanks again. byeeeeeeeeee