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Monday, 4 August 2008

Beautiful Cornwall - Seascape Inspirations

I have just spent a glorious week holidaying in Cornwall - seeing the beautiful Cornish coastline in all weathers!! I found the experience wonderfully inspirational, I think I was so in awe of my surroundings that I forgot to take as many photos as I intended, here are a few that I took..........the camera never quite captures the essence of what you are viewing though - the sea was awesome the day I took these two, it was late afternoon, the sun was beginning its decent and the wind was whipping the waves up as they crashed to the shore, I just stood there taking it all in, the power of the sea...........

I can feel some new seascapes formulating!!

This was a view from our cottage; I love seeing bales of hay in the English... there's something quite warming and grounding about the whole viewing experience.