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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Yachts Yachts and more Yachts

Something I have a passion for is the sea, sailing and yachts! Although I have only been out sailing a handful of times I consider myself lucky to have experienced the thrill of riding the waves, enjoying the thrill of being on the sea, being part of a crew (I am no expert by any means), I just know what I love and love the sea - I have had this passion since I was a little girl, maybe its got something to do with having a Father who was in the Navy in his younger years and having most of the walls in our family house filled with paintings of yachts and sea vessels in various forms - whatever happened I have been deeply influenced and these are one of my favourite subjects to paint - I really am there when I paint these beauties!

Some recent completed commissions, a mixture of 10x14" and 16x12" canvases:

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