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Friday, 10 July 2009

Art Shaman Workshops

Art Shaman Workshops

Well, I said i wanted to do this and my dream is becoming a reality tomorrow with the first of 4 Art Workshops scheduled for the Summer. I am under the guise of The Art Shaman - rather liked that one so have stuck with it.

Art Shaman Workshops are basically about learning how to play and experiment through the Power of Creativity. You will learn more about yourself by tapping into your vast creative potential and will venture upon exploring colour and shape in a unique way. Working with a variety of different mediums from painting to beading, Art Shaman Workshops are guaranteed to awaken your child within. The workshops are created for both adults and children aged 10 upwards and all prices include all materials.

My idea behind these workshops is my belief that everyone can be creative and express themselves in a positive way. Expressing yourself is a healthy and natural state and being a ‘Creative’ myself I wanted to share my knowledge with others so they too can enjoy the many benefits of art & creative expression.

So here it is, the official lauch of Art Shaman Workshops:

So anyone interested in attending please book your place.


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