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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Being Authentic

Being Authentic

I have a unique gift to interpret the essence of anything I put my attention to through colour, shape, movement and flow, this I choose to do through Art – by working with higher energies I am able to sense subtle energies, this is something I have been refining for a very long time, all my life in fact to this point where I am ready to reveal my authentic self to all and express how I work.

Having been a full time artist for a number of years now I truly believe people are drawn to my paintings from an energy level, they might not know consciously why they like a particular piece, it just ‘resonates’ with them, this is because the energy of the painting in part or whole resonates with their authentic self. I sometimes don’t know why I paint what I do in terms of colour and shape and although influenced by my surroundings, in particular nature, I always know that the right person with the right energy will come along at the right time for one of my paintings, for the home the painting is meant for – and to date this has been so.

Although I have a limited work available for sale on my website I now work mainly on a commission basis. By choosing me to paint for you I will capture the essence of you, your family, your home through my artistic talent – I can interpret the essence of what it is that you want in your life, be it love, abundance, success or to create a peaceful healing environment within your home – you will know what is right for you and I will interpret that essence through Art. Your painting will carry the essence of what you want and be a constant energy reminder to you every time you or anyone else looks at it, the synergy will be perfect, the painting will resonate with you, the painting will be completely aligned with the highest potential for you. Please visit my Commissions page for more information on how to commission a painting.

My artwork can be found in many UK and International private collections with many of my paintings being published in various home interior magazines - please see my Press page for full listings.

Jean Dayton

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